Knife death in Glengormley condemned: Campbell

Alliance Councillor for Newtownabbey, Tom Campbell, has condemned the weekend death of a man in Glengormley and called for those with information that might lead to a conviction of those involved to come forward.

Councillor Campbell said, “This incident has been upsetting for local residents. This is a quiet residential area and people have a degree of fear but this was an isolated incident and it was not a sectarian crime.

“There was no paramilitary involvement either. It appears to have been committed under the influence of alcohol. The Police have made arrests and criminal proceedings may follow those arrests.

“What is of concern in general is the willingness of people to carry knives and be prepared to use them. A young man is now dead as the result of what may turn out to have been a petty dispute ‘settled’ with a fatal stabbing. The combination of knives and excessive alcohol intake can be a lethal cocktail as it appears to have been in this case.”


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