“Make a difference: Give blood” says Leonard

Alliance has demonstrated its support for World Blood Donor Day directly, with donations of blood by party representatives.

Allan Leonard, Alliance Spokesperson for Laganbank, South Belfast, was one such donor at the blood mobile stationed at Belfast City Hall for the day. After giving his pint of blood, Mr Leonard said:

“Although residents from Northern Ireland weren’t able to help with the recent blood shortage in the Republic of Ireland, that’s not to say you can’t help here and now, where we have our own regular shortage every summer.

“I am very happy to have donated my blood, knowing that it will be used for someone’s good health, or even to help save someone’s life. Too often it’s hard to know how you can help someone else directly, but giving blood is one sure way to make a difference, and it takes less than an hour out of your busy routine.

“Indeed, I have today pledged to become a regular blood donor at Belfast City Hospital, which will help by replacing those who can no longer give, e.g those over 70 (or 60 for a first-time donor) and anyone who has ever received a blood transfusion.

“As colleague and former Belfast Lord Mayor Tom Ekin would say, ‘It’s time for some young blood in the party’, and I have taken him up on this!”



The Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service is operating the blood mobile service at Belfast City Hall on Tuesday, 14 June, from 09.30-16.30, with a symbolic release of balloons at 12 noon. For more details, contact Paul McElkerney, Donor Recruitment & Organisation Manager, on 07768-661377.

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