Young people must be encouraged away from violence – Dunlop

Alliance Party Education Spokesperson Jayne Dunlop has said everyone must take responsibility for moving young people away from violence, after the latest in a series of petrol bomb attacks.

Ms Dunlop, the party’s North Antrim representative, condemned the attack in the Parklands area of Ballymena, stating: “This was a very serious attack which could have had disastrous consequences. Fortunately it was a car that was destroyed and not the house, and thankfully there were no injuries.

“It frustrates me that some individuals feel the need to carry out this sort of attack and seem to think it is somehow justified or acceptable behaviour. There is never any justification for such attacks on property.

“If anyone has any information about this incident, I would urge them to contact the police immediately. Meanwhile, parents, youth leaders and community group heads must take responsibility for moving children and young people away from violence.”


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