Alliance blasts benefit cheats and praises fraud deterrent

Alliance Party Strangford Assembly Member, Kieran McCarthy, has blasted benefit fraudsters for cheating the public out of money which could be spent on schools or hospitals. His comments come on the day that figures were announced showing that the number of people convicted of benefit fraud in Northern Ireland is at an all time high. 157 convictions have been issued for such offences already this year.

Kieran McCarthy said: “It is disgraceful that benefit fraudsters are cheating the public out of money which could be spent on health and education.

“At a time when we are hearing of potential school closures here due funding shortfalls, this news, which indicates an increase in the numbers of benefit fraudsters, is sickening.

“I am glad, however, that those committing these offences are being brought to justice and I hope that this news acts as a strong deterrent to those who might consider committing benefit fraud.

“It is good to see that pro-active enforcement against benefit cheats is in place here and these figures suggest that these people have nowhere to hide.”


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