Woodward is right – actions speak louder that words and Executive is not delivering

Commenting on Secretary of State Sean Woodward’s remarks in Northern Ireland questions today, David Ford agreed that actions speak louder than words as regards the Executive. Sean Woodward’s remarks came in an answer to a question from Lib Dem shadow secretary Alastair Carmichael. David Ford said that the Executive’s plans are light on words and even lighter on actions.

Opposition Leader David Ford said: “I agree with Sean Woodward that actions speak louder than words in relation to the Executive. Where are the actions? At the moment the Executive delivers little more than spin and hype from the Chuckle Brothers.

“The problem is that the Executive’s Programme for Government is light on words and even lighter on actions.

“Local people are still waiting for this administration to deliver real changes in Northern Ireland. People deserve much better than the flimsy plans contained within the Executive’s Programme for Government. So yes Mr Woodward, actions do speak louder than words – Let’s see some action from this Executive to end segregation and deliver better services.”


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