Alliance selects Griffin as Dromore by-election candidate

The Alliance Party has selected David Griffin as their candidate for the forthcoming Council by-election in Dromore. Mr Griffin says Alliance, as the opposition in the Assembly offers a real alternative to the lack of vision and direction shown by the four Executive parties, the DUP, UUP, SDLP and Sinn Fein. The by-election in Dromore is taking place as a result of the resignation of Ulster Unionist Councillor Tyrone Howe.

“I am very proud to have been selected as the Alliance candidate in the forthcoming Dromore by-election. Alliance is the only major party not associated with the delays and lack of delivery in the Executive.

“I know the needs of the community in Dromore. The town has massive potential and I want to help fulfill it. I have ambition for the area and a vision for the town.

“We offer fresh ideas on improving our local economy and services and only Alliance will deliver an end to the segregation which has blighted Northern Ireland for so long.

“The cost of segregation in Northern Ireland is staggering. One billion pounds is wasted yearly on keeping our society divided. Our key public services suffer greatly because this money has been wasted down the years.

“Alliance offers a fresh approach and real solutions to problems in Northern Ireland. The four Executive parties lack vision and ambition and everyone can see that.”


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