Wilson’s views make people worried that Glenavy incinerator may be built

Lagan Valley Alliance Trevor Lunn MLA has stated that given Sammy Wilson’s very public views on the environment, local people are scared that Rose Energy may be allowed to build an incinerator in Glenavy. Rose Energy wants to build the incinerator to generate energy from chicken waste, and a meeting was held on the issue last night.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Everyone know about Sammy Wilson and his views on environmentalism. With his elevation to the post of Environment Minister, local people are worried that the chances of Rose Energy being allowed to build an incinerator in Glenavy may increase.

“I call on Sammy Wilson to clarify his attitude to projects which are clearly damaging to the environment and to people’s long-term health. The waste products which would be burnt on this site can be dealt with by other means which are environmentally-friendly.

“David Ford and I have been working hard to stop this scheme in its tracks. Sammy is an enviro-sceptic and people will rightly be worried that Rose Energy might now get their way and build this facility.

“The community does not want this incinerator, environmentalists don’t want it and most politicians don’t either. Let’s hope Sammy doesn’t go soft on Rose Energy.”


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