Alliance says AQE moves are unhelpful

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has criticised the latest move by the Association for Quality Education after they provided details of their independent tests to primary schools across the country. He said their moves are providing nothing but confusion about the future.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Caitríona Ruane created a vacuum of confusion on post-11 plus plans. The AQE’s latest moves spread even further confusion. Parents, teachers and pupils are being bombarded with information and this can only harm the education system.

“The AQE are making the very premature assumption that the Assembly won’t accept the Minister’s plans.

“Hysteria is being whipped-up unnecessarily, and its time that everyone took a step back and carefully considered the plans being offered by the Department.

“Tuition for the AQE’s independent tests will not be provided in primary schools. Entrants will be expected to take private tuition. Those who cannot afford this tuition will be greatly disadvantaged.

“I would challenge anyone to show me an example of a successful education system anywhere in the world which relies on a selection test at the age of 11, never mind two separate tests. This appears to be the way we’re going unless the AQE backs off.

“The AQE are creating a system that is more unfair than the 11-plus. Their moves are doing nothing but muddying the waters and increasing social exclusion.”


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