Why is Poots letting civil servants run his department?

Alliance Culture Spokersperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has blasted Minister Edwin Poots for letting civil servants run his department. Mr Poots said during a interview with the BBC today that civil servants blocked the Maze stadium project, yet he as Minister is meant to be in charge of the stadium issue.

Kieran McCarthy MLA stated: “Why is Edwin Poots letting civil servants tell him what to do? He runs the department and he should be telling them what to do. He’s meant to be the boss but it appears that he is not in control of his department.

“His comments this morning are almost laughable. It is however deeply troubling that a Minister has himself has admitted not having full control of his brief.

“Is anyone surprise that a DUP reshuffle is on the card? Many of the Ministers are not delivering and the public will not accept second-rate governance.”


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