Neeson hails victory for Asbestos victims

East Antrim Alliance MLA Sean Neeson has welcomed the creation of legislation that will benefit victims of asbestos inhalation. The Mesothelioma Bill was discussed this week in the Assembly and Mr Neeson has campaigned for a long time for such assistance to be provided.

Sean Neeson MLA said: “I strongly welcome the introduction of this legislation. It is long overdue and I pay tribute to all those who have campaigned for such measures over the years. I hope that the application of the legislation will not be complicated and I also welcome the fact decisions can be appealed.

“Almost 10 years ago, the late Bobby Brown from Carrickfergus founded the organisation, Justice for Asbestos Victims. That prompted me, together with the late Mr John Kelly, to propose a debate on the subject in the Assembly.

“At around that time, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment set aside a sum to compensate former employees of Harland and Wolff who had contracted the disease while working for that company before privatisation.

“I am pleased that Minister has this week assured me that the lump sum that is guaranteed by this new Bill will not affect other forms of compensation.”


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