Why are DUP taking so long to reveal details on MLAs employing family members?

Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has hit out at DUP Assembly Members who still refuse to reveal details regarding the employment of family members. He said that there appears to be a split in the DUP, with some MLAs wanting everyone to provide this information, while the party still does not want to reveal full details.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Why are some DUP Assembly Members still not coming clean over whether they employ family members? It’s time for transparency.

“Some DUP MLAs have not yet answered important questions and this creates a lot of suspicion. They are doing themselves no favours.

“Why did the DUP remove a list of all the constituency workers from their website around the time that this story broke?

“All other parties have revealed these details, yet some DUP MLAs still refuse to disclose this important information.

“The vast majority of MLAs, who have nothing to hide on these matters, would favour total transparency. The DUP politicians who won’t disclose, must do so as soon as possible to ensure that public confidence in politics can be maintained.

“It appears that there may be a split in the DUP with some MLAs wanting these details disclosed while the party refuses to. I am glad that some of the DUP’s MLAs are putting pressure on their party to come clean.”


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