McCarthy tells unionists to get real or lose chance to have new stadium

Alliance Culture, Arts and Leisure spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has stated that unionist’s stalling over an all-sports stadium is endangering the chances of having a new stadium at all. Today’s DCAL committee meeting heard from the Minister as well as officials from Pricewaterhouse Cooper, and the Strategic Investment Board regarding options for an all-sports stadium.

The Strangford MLA said: “There’s only so long that unionists can stall over the all-sports stadium. If they waste any more time this could mean no new stadium anywhere in Northern Ireland.

“While unionists are involved in this stalling exercise, Alliance will push for delivery instead of delay. Irrespective of the location, if progress is not made soon, then we may lose out on the chance of having a new stadium altogether.

“Since we are now convinced that the GAA will not accept the North Foreshore site, the only real option for an all-sports stadium is the Maze.

“To create economic growth and boost tourism and hospitality, we need to build a new all-sports stadium here.

“We cannot afford to simply keep the status quo or else we will fall behind other regions in the UK and wider Europe. We need a new stadium, to allow major international events to be held here and to ensure we have a shared space for big matches and concerts.”


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