Webb slams DUP-UUP agreement as tribal pact

North Belfast Alliance Representative Cllr Billy Webb has condemned at UUP-DUP co-operation agreement in North Belfast as a tribal pact which does nothing to remove barriers in politics and society.

Cllr Billy Webb said: “This is a very negative development. In their own words they have said they are ‘coming together in working with, and for, the benefit of the communities they represent.’ This is essentially a tribal pact and these types of agreements do nothing to move Northern Ireland forward to a better future.

“Alliance is leading change with ending segregation as our top priority, yet these parties are doing this type of thing.

“We need positive, constructive politics for everyone, not tribal agreements. Politicians must tackle the social and economic inequalities which blight and divide our community. Alliance is leading the way on delivering radical solutions. People want real issues addressed like job creation, protecting vital services and protecting the environment, not the tired politics of tribalism.

“The DUP and UUP need to reflect on what they are doing and the effects of such a move. Politics should be about the real issues facing people in their everyday lives, not the border.”


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