Hendron success in traffic calming campaign

Local Alliance Councillor Máire Hendron has been campaigning for traffic calming in the Madrid Street/Bryson Street area of inner East Belfast and is pleased to announce that Roads Service has agreed to provide the scheme.

Cllr Máire Hendron said: “This is excellent news for people in Bryson Street and Madrid Street.

“There has been an evident issue with cars driving too fast down these residential streets and I am pleased Roads Service is going to act on my request for traffic calming measures. We were approached by a number of residents who have very valid concerns regarding this issue and we contacted Roads Service to request traffic calming.

“This is an area where many families live, and young children in particular are being put at risk by those who drive at excessive speeds on these streets. I am very pleased that Roads Service can see the need for this scheme and have agreed to provide it. They have informed me that they hope to commence work on it early in the next financial year.”


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