Webb shocked at second night of trouble in Newtownabbey

Alliance Newtownabbey Councillor Billy Webb has expressed his shock at a second night of trouble in Newtownabbey in which a bus was set on fire on Tuesday. The female bus driver was attacked and thrown out of her bus before it was set alight. Another bus was set on fire the previous night.

Cllr Billy Webb said: “I am shocked and appalled by this second night of violence. This destruction serves no purpose except to harm the local community. For a second night local people have had their lives disrupted by the actions of these thugs.

“I hope that the bus driver who sustained injuries during the hijacking will be able to make a swift recovery following her traumatic ordeal.

“Only last week we were told at the extent of the budget cuts and now this mindless violence has cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds, money that could have been spent on providing public services to the vulnerable.

“I would urge anybody who has any information about either night of trouble to contact the police.”


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