Lo issues call to tackle segregation to save vital services

Following the cut to the Northern Ireland budget after the Comprehensive Spending Review last week, Alliance MLA Anna Lo has issued a call to protect vital frontline services by addressing the cost of division in our society.

Anna Lo MLA said: “The best way to safeguard vital services is to tackle the £1bn wasted every year on maintaining division in our society.

“This figure works out at over £1,000 wasted for every household in Northern Ireland annually. People need to see what segregation is costing them and how, in these tough times, this cash could be spent ensuring we do not lose essential health services for example.

“For too long the tribal parties have paid lip service to addressing segregation but failed to implement a timetable of actions to tackle this problem. What we need now is real action to deal with it and unlock savings.

“Only Alliance makes ending division in our society our number one priority. Tackling this issue would not only save a massive amount of money but would also help us create the united community that Northern Ireland needs move forward and attract even more businesses and tourists here.”


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