Webb outrage at sinister trend of school attacks

Newtownabbey Alliance Councillor Billy Webb has expressed disgust at an arson attack on Whitehouse Primary School and said that a quick response from the education authorities is needed to ensure children at the school do not suffer because of the actions of a few thugs. The attack at the weekend destroyed much of the premises.

Cllr Billy Webb said: “I sincerely hope that children at the school do not suffer due to the despicable actions of a few thugs.

“I am pleased that the education authorities are meeting later and I hope that measures can be taken to ensure that this distressing incident has the least possible impact on pupils at the school.

“It appears that there is a deeply worrying trend emerging, with Whitehouse Primary being the third school attacked in the greater Belfast areas in recent days.

“It is difficult to comprehend the mindset of those who would attack a school. An attack on a school is like an attack on the whole community as schools are an important facility for areas.”


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