Sports spectator laws are long overdue

Alliance Culture, Arts and Leisure Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has welcomed plans to create laws which aim to prevent offensive chanting and missile throwing at sporting events. He said that the plans are long overdue and hailed the move as a victory for the Alliance Party’s long campaign on the issue.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “These plans are very welcome but I want to know why it has taken Direct Rule and Executive Ministers so long to come up with them?

“Alliance has been campaigning for almost a decade for the introduction of football-offences style laws for Northern Ireland, so this is a victory for our campaign even though we are unhappy that it took so long for Ministers to act.

“Shortly after the return of devolution, I proposed a motion in the Assembly on tackling sectarianism and violence at sports grounds, and I am glad that this matter is finally being addressed.

“We need laws to help us rid our sports grounds of the small number of troublemakers which exist. I hope that these measures, which include provisions to ban offenders, will ensure that spectators can enjoy all sports free from intimidation and fear.”


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