Webb hits out at graffiti

Alliance Newtownabbey Councillor Billy Webb has said he is disgusted at sectarian graffiti which appeared close to a mixed housing development in the area.

Councillor Webb said the daubed writing, which threatened that Protestants moving to the Felden development on the Mill Road would be attacked and evicted, was “disgraceful”. The Alliance Councillor contacted Antrim and Newtownabbey Council to have the graffiti removed on Monday (August 17).

“This graffiti and the sentiments behind it are disgusting to any right-thinking person,” he said.

“Local people do not want it and I’m sure they will join me in condemning such actions. This type of blatant intimidation is not acceptable. Mixed housing developments such as Felden are one of the best ways to ensure a shared future for all.

“Those responsible for the graffiti must be apprehended by the police and I urge anyone with information to give it to the PSNI as soon as possible.”

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