Webb condemns North Belfast shooting

Alliance North Belfast representative Cllr Billy Webb has condemned those behind two incidents in which two men were shot. A man was shot three times in his house in Brompton Road in the Ardoyne area on Monday night, he is in a critical condition in hospital. Another man was shot twice in the legs in his flat on the Antrim Road on Tuesday morning.

Cllr Billy Webb said: “I am shocked and outraged at these vicious shootings. There can never be any justification for any such violence on our streets.

“I hope the victims are able to make recoveries from their injuries, they are in my thoughts at what must be a difficult for them.

“The local community has already voiced their opposition to attacks such as this, so these gunmen have no support and can not claim to be acting on behalf of the community.

“If anybody has any information about either of these shooting then they must contact the police. The people behind these attacks must be put behind bars before they carry out any further attacks.”


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