We need to tackle segregation to be taken seriously on budget issues

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has said for Northern Ireland to be effective in the campaign to minimise budget cuts from Westminster, the Stormont Executive must demonstrate that they are willing to tackle segregation. He says if we provide a detailed plan on saving cash through addressing division we can present a stronger case to the Westminster government on our public finances.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “If we want to be taken seriously in terms of the debate surrounding public finances we need to show how we will tackle the cost segregation. We have had Secretary of State Owen Paterson talking about this issue in recent days and it is a key issue in relation to our budget.

“What better way to strengthen our campaign to minimise budget cuts from Westminster by outlining a plan that shows how we are going to address the cost of division?

“How can Northern Ireland campaign effectively on budgetary matters if we do not tackle one of the biggest sources of inefficiency in our society? We need to show Westminster exactly how we will make savings tackling division and show them how an ‘invest to save’ strategy is needed on this matter.

“If we can demonstrate where savings can be made on ending segregation we can present a positive statement of intent to deliver reform and value for money. We need to take a pro-active and radical approach to ensure Northern Ireland is well placed to deal with the difficult financial times ahead.”


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