We need cast-iron guarantee to provide free personal care now – Alliance

Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has stated that the tribal Executive parties must give a cast-iron guarantee to provide free personal care for older people within a set timeframe. His calls come as the Assembly debates free personal care today. He stated that in 2002 when free care was previously debated, only Alliance supported its provision – the DUP, Sinn Fein, SDLP and the Ulster Unionists rejected the chance to provide it

Speaking in his speech to the Assembly this morning Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “The tribal parties have denied local people free personal care for too long. They had the chance to introduce it through my Assembly amendment, in 2002, but they disgracefully threw away this golden opportunity.

“Our older people were treated with blatant disregard by the four Executive parties in the free personal care debate 2002 – they must never do this again.

“They must not pass up this opportunity now. We need a cast-iron guarantee that free care will be provided for our older people, and we need a set timeframe to ensure its provision as soon as possible.

“Older people have lost their homes and their life savings because they have had to foot the bill for their personal care. This cannot be morally justified and the Executive must act urgently to stop this unfair system and provide free care.”


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