‘We have waited long enough for end to paramilitary activity’

ALLIANCE Leader David Ford has said that the people of Northern Ireland had waited long enough for an end to paramilitary activity.

After the Hillsborough ‘road map’ to breaking the political deadlock was postponed, Mr Ford said that now was the time for a clear and unambiguous statement from the IRA stating that they had chosen the democratic political path.

Mr Ford said: “I am extremely disappointed that on the verge of getting the Agreement to work, we have been let down yet again.

“Despite the fact that they hold the key to progress at this time, it appears that republicans are unwilling to accept what everyone else sees as necessary to breaking the deadlock.

“It is exactly five years since the Agreement is signed. We were supposed to see an end to paramilitary activity in three. We have all waited long enough, yet some have still not lived up to their obligations.

“There cannot be further delay. It is time for an end to all paramilitarism.”

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