Vision and values of Good Friday Agreement more important than ever 20 years on, says Long

Alliance Leader Naomi Long has said the vision and values of the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) are more important than ever, 20 years after it was signed.

Mrs Long was speaking as the GFA celebrated its 20th anniversary. She said while many were dismissive of the agreement and what it achieved, its full potential was yet to be realised.

“Despite the current setbacks and the lack of a functioning devolved Government, it’s important to remember just how far we have come as a society since the GFA was signed in 1998. As a result of it, we have all witnessed a complete transformation across Northern Ireland.

“The GFA Is not perfect but was the best we could achieve at the time and a basis on which to build further progress. It remains as that basis today, with its basic principles remaining the only viable means to resolving our differences.

“Twenty years on, let’s return to the spirit of the GFA, while reforming the structures for our current needs, restoring sustainable political institutions and most importantly of all, recapturing the vision of a shared, integrated and prosperous Northern Ireland at peace with itself and its neighbours.”

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