Victims and survivors let down again, says Bradshaw

Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw has said she believes the victims and survivors of institutional abuse have been let down again after she discovered the compensation scheme was unlikely to start before next year.

South Belfast MLA Ms Bradshaw was speaking after a meeting with the Civil Service in which it was confirmed because the Hart Report into historical institutional abuse was published at the same time as the Executive collapsed, the Executive had not yet had a chance to consider its recommendations.

It would only be after this a financial ask could be submitted to the Secretary of State to cover the redress. However, due to the current financial situation, it is unlikely this would take place within this financial year.

Ms Bradshaw said she was “devastated” for the victims and survivors.

“The victims and survivors of historical institutional abuse deserve justice now, they have waited long enough. It is incumbent their dignified and courageous campaign is recognised and they receive the redress they deserve.

“People should not have to face further injustice due to the political impasse. This is heart-breaking for those who believed they would be receiving compensation soon and my thoughts are with them.

“It is important provision for a compensation scheme is included in any final talks settlement, so when the Assembly gets up and running again, justice for the victims and survivors will not be subject to any further delay.”

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