Investigation into bonfire pallets decision proposed by Alliance

An immediate investigation will take place into a decision by Belfast City Council to store pallets meant for bonfires, after Alliance Councillor Michael Long made the proposal on Friday morning.

Councillor Long’s call was unanimously backed as he added the recent revelations should be ‘the wake-up call needed to see things change’, with no future storage to take place.

He said: “The recent revelations prove yet again the scourge of paramilitaries remains rife on our streets. This cannot continue and we must get firm answers into how and why the Council’s role in agreeing and storing these pallets played out.

“It is time for all political parties and other statutory agencies, including the PSNI, to step up to the mark and put an end to this poison infecting our society.

“I am pleased the Committee backed my proposal and that an investigation, with independent input, has been agreed. We find ourselves in a situation where the PSNI and some political parties are unwilling to stand up for our community, but we must take back control.

“The Council’s reputation has been damaged, there is no way to avoid that now and while Council officers are in a very difficult position in the face of growing paramilitary control, we must reassess the decision making process, standing together as we move forward.”

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