UUP should show leadership for once and end PUP link for good

On the eve of the Ulster Unionists ‘modernisation’ Council meeting, Alliance Chief Whip Kieran McCarthy MLA has called on them to show real leadership for once and end their link with the PUP. His comments come on the week that the High Court heard that the UVF allegedly stored the details of 100 people. He stated that if the UUP are planning to modernise, they must tackle this matter urgently.

The Strangford Alliance MLA said: “In light of this week’s shocking revelations that the UVF have information on 100 people, the Ulster Unionists must address people’s fears regarding their links with the political wing of the UVF.

“It is time that they showed some real leadership for once and finished this disgraceful association with the PUP. Their party leadership has been in disarray over this and other issues for a long time.

“The UUP have this week made much of their supposed efforts to restructure and modernize. Actions speak louder than words – they must revoke their link with the PUP. If the Ulster Unionists are to be taken seriously by the local electorate, they must move away from this coalition with the representatives of armed and active paramilitaries.

“If it is to have any future role in Northern Ireland, the Ulster Unionists must also examine why they have no women MLAs at Stormont. This fact is a sad reflection on the party as it currently stands and this issue must be addressed urgently.

“If the UUP wants to show it is serious about changing, it must shed its links with the PUP and also start ensuring that the party representatives reflect the true nature of today’s society.”


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