Time to crack down on beach litter following disturbing survey results

Alliance Spokesperson Cllr Tom Campbell has expressed shock at the news that beach litter has increased by more than 90% since 1994 and has called for tougher penalties for those who litter or fly tip in these areas. The findings are part of the Marine Conservation Society’s Beachwatch survey.

Newtownabbey Councillor Tom Campbell said: “Many of our local beaches are covered in rubbish and this is totally unacceptable. Stronger enforcement measures must be put in place to stop people who are littering or fly tipping in these areas.

“We also need stronger penalties for those caught littering and we need a campaign to change this particular culture, because such actions are ruining many of our local beaches. People must not be allowed to get away with damaging these picturesque areas.

“Our beaches are a vital tourist attraction and they must be given adequate protection against those who seek to destroy these areas of natural beauty.

“We want to attract more people to come and visit Northern Ireland. This is an essential part of our economy and we must expand this sector to create sustainable growth within our economy.”


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