Underspend should help fund SEELB deficit

Alliance Vice Chair and Castlereagh Councillor, Michael Long, has condemned the government for allowing £366 million which was allocated to Northern Ireland to go unspent. Michael Long believes the money should go towards helping all of the education boards provide vital services, and his comments come after the government launched a review into the underspend.

Cllr. Long said, “Its an absolute disgrace that money which was earmarked for Northern Ireland was not used. I call on the government to use the £366 million underspend to help the SEELB solve their current financial crisis.

“The SEELB have cut vital special needs services in an effort to balance their books.

We also recently heard about the proposed closure of Lisnasharragh High School. This money should be spent helping keep threatened schools open.

“I believe that the £366 million should be ploughed into frontline services in Northern Ireland, as the money was allocated to this region in the first place.

“This underspent cash must be used to benefit Northern Ireland, and I would be appalled if the government tries to claw it back into their own coffers.”


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