Dunlop speaks out against Ballymena nationalist march

Ballymena Alliance Representative, Jayne Dunlop, has call on the Parades Commission to ensure that a planned nationalist march in Ballymena is not allowed to take place.

Jayne Dunlop said: “The march, which took place last year, raised tensions in the area to a dangerously high level.

“It is better for the whole community, both nationalist and unionist, that the march does not take place.

“The wider Ballymena area has seen enough tragic and destabilising incidents over the past year, another will merely fan the flames of sectarian tension which exist at dangerously high levels in some parts of Ballymena already.

“This parade would leave the area open to severe disorder and given that there is little support for the parade within the community, I believe that it should not take place.

“I would appeal to community and political leaders to act responsibly and continue the bridge-building process, to safeguard peace and stability within the area.”


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