Ulster Hospital investment means end of ‘war zone’ – McCarthy

Alliance Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy has said that Government investment in services at the Ulster Hospital is welcome, but only puts right what has been wrong for a generation. He added that the investment must be seen as only the start of a series of improvements.

Alderman McCarthy, who is the MLA for the area, stated: “This investment is the end of a 20-year slog since closures in Newtownards and Bangor. Even at that, it is only the beginning of what is required.

“On a visit to the hospital a few years ago, I described it as a ‘war zone’. One trusts peace has now broken out.

“This investment, though welcome, is only making good a Government promise from years ago. And it is only the start. Basics such as car parking will still need attending to even after the improvements, given the strategic importance of the hospital.

“We will continue to push for a world-class facility, not just the bare minimum.”

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