No quick fixes – Alliance

Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has responded to the Secretary of State’s announcement that there is an opportunity to make some changes to the institutions of the Agreement over the next three months by stressing that there are no quick fixes.

David Ford said: “There are no quick fixes to get the institutions established under the Agreement and now suspended back up and running. Those who argue that its structures must be left intact are ignoring the simple fact that there are no structures to leave intact!

“The past eight years have exposed flaws in the structures of the Agreement, and mistakes with its implementation. Institutions that are based on assumptions about who will hold the balance of power and upon mutual trust that is simply not there cannot survive.

“Both Governments have conceded the point that changes can be made within the so-called ‘Comprehensive Agreement’. But there are no quick fixes. Public opinion will tolerate another ‘revolving door Assembly’.

“Perhaps, however, we need to consider that our entire sectarian political system is to blame. If the parties presented with power in 1998 could not deliver, what are the prospects now?

“Alliance has been at the forefront of demonstrating not just that the institutions, but that the entire sectarian political system simply does not work. This will be demonstrated yet again in the coming months. This fundamental problem with politics in Northern Ireland cannot be continually ducked.”

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