UDA recruitment mural must be removed – Dickson

Alliance East Antrim MLA, Stewart Dickson, has called for the removal of a paramilitary mural that has appeared in the Glenfield area of Carrickfergus. The mural is of a masked gunman beside a message saying ‘Better to die on your feet than live on your knees in an Irish Republic. Join the UDA’.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “This is a recruitment mural for the UDA. It is an illegal image for an illegal terrorist organisation. This mural is about creating fear and intimidation within the local community, as well as attempting to demarcate territory.

“There is no place for images of masked gunmen on our streets. It is sending out the wrong message to our children. These terrorist organisations are just about destroying people’s lives. They have no place in our society.

“When other areas are embracing re-imaging projects, it is disappointing that this mural has appeared.

“I will be in contact with the Police and local agencies to work to have it removed.”


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