Bradshaw: Voters not political parties will decide in South Belfast

Alliance Westminster candidate Paula Bradshaw has said South Belfast voters fed up with political in-fighting and candidates based on the tribal divide have an alternative this May – Alliance.

The South Belfast candidate added that while Unionists and Nationalists arrogantly continue to fight among themselves over which candidate ‘should’ represent the constituency, only Alliance has consistently delivered representation for everyone.

Councillor Paula Bradshaw said: “While the DUP, UUP, SDLP and Sinn Fein wrestle among themselves over who ‘should’ represent South Belfast, they are completely missing the point – the only opinion that matters is the voters. The playing of politics over joint candidates is only disrespectful to them.

“Voters deserve the opportunity to shape Northern Ireland’s future and to do this they must have access to a wide range of candidates.

“While the other four parties are preoccupied with deepening division – focussing on the tribal politics of the past – Alliance has always and will always continue to represent all people, regardless of who stands against us.

“And it’s clear voters are already endorsing this message. Looking at the local Government results in South Belfast, Alliance was the top performer in terms of seats and votes – proving Alliance is capable of making gains and winning seats.

“This May voters have a clear choice to make. Either they can allow the rhetoric of others to lead them back along tribal lines, or they can step forward for a shared Northern Ireland free from intimidation and fear, where all cultures and traditions are celebrated.

“While others want to take Northern Ireland back, only Alliance is committed to moving it forward.”

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