Tyrone should consider banning Cavlan following dogfighting expose

Alliance Spokesperson Cllr Stewart Dickson has called on Tyrone GAA board to consider banning or dropping Ger Cavlan following the revelations contained in the BBC’s horrifying expose of pitbull fighting. Stewart Dickson also called for the strengthening of dangerous dogs laws.

Carrickfergus Councillor Stewart Dickson said: “Tyrone should an example an example and reconsider Ger Cavlan’s playing career following last night’s BBC documentaries.

“People as prominent as him in sporting life should act as role models for the community; however, his actions were totally disgraceful. People who put themselves in the public spotlight need to set a good example and take full responsibility for their actions.

“The GAA must acknowledge that players are role models and they must act accordingly to send out a strong message. This sickening saga shows the dark underbelly of areas of society in Northern Ireland which has gone virtually unseen perhaps because of the troubles.

“I would like to take this opportunity to praise Mandy McAuley and the BBC team on their expose. I am very glad that a light has been shone a light on this horrific area by them.

“The USPCA must also be given extra assistance on their campaign to crackdown on these activities and I would urge the authorities to step up their vigilance.

“We also need tougher laws on this issue, and our Deputy Leader Naomi Long has campaigned for a number of years to have legislation strengthened. Current laws concentrate on banned breeds, but the real threat is from aggressive dogs that are not kept under control by owners. Another shocking loophole in these laws is that there is no sanction for dogs that attack other dogs. At the moment livestock is protected, but bizarrely other dogs are not.”


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