Translink must communicate to understand passengers’ frustration: Aceves-Cully

Alliance Party Larne Town representative Elena Aceves-Cully has challenged Translink to engage directly with passengers frustrated by ongoing delays and restrictions on the Larne Line rail service.

Mrs Aceves-Cully stated: “It seems to most passengers that Translink has shown no willingness to improve. Delays and breakdowns on the slam-door trains are getting worse, not better.

“Translink must come to terms with the strong feeling of passengers about these and other issues, and to do this, it must engage with passengers directly.

“The level of dirt on trains, the inaccessibility of slam-door trains to elderly and disabled people, and continuing breakdowns are driving people away from public transport, not on to it.

“If we want to achieve our goal of a better public transport service from Larne to Belfast in the interests of easing congestion and improving the environment, that service must be clean, efficient and reliable. When it is not, passengers have every right to know why not.”


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