Ahern’s commitment to “Shared Future” welcome, but musn’t mean “Benign Apartheid”

Alliance Leader David Ford has said the Taoiseach’s stated commitment to a “Shared Future” is welcome, but said the Governments and parties must meet such commitments with actions.

David Ford stated: “Too often people talk grandly of a ‘Shared Future’ without a clear understanding of what is required to deliver one.

“It is entirely inappropriate to talk about Shared Future policies in the context of commemorating a divisive issue from the past. This cannot be about symbols and banners because those merely illustrate our divisions.

“The truth is that most politicians who talk about a ‘Shared Future’ promote policies which have precisely the opposite effect. The term ‘Shared Future’ does not allow for petty tribalism, promotion of segregation or a continuance of the usual ‘blame game’.

“The challenge for others is to show a demonstrable, unconditional commitment to integration of public services and facilities — including education, leisure and housing. The truth is that this has not been forthcoming from anyone except the Alliance Party so far.”


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