Tor Bank Graffiti “Despicable” – Long

East Belfast Alliance representatives Naomi Long MP, Chris Lyttle MLA and Cllr Judith Cochrane have described abusive graffiti painted on the front of a mobile classroom in Tor Bank special school as utterly despicable. They saw the graffiti whilst out surveying local residents in Dundonald today and reported it to the police.

East Belfast MP Naomi Long said: “This is utterly despicable and I think people will be rightly sickened by such an abusive and offensive attack on Tor Bank Special School and its pupils. It is beyond belief that anyone would single out children with special needs as a target for such abuse.”

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “It is hard to comprehend what kind of individual would do such a thing and cause such hurt and offence. We are working to get the graffiti removed as soon as possible.”

Local Alliance Cllr Judith Cochrane said: “I know the people of Dundonald will be as angry as I am that Tor Bank and its pupils have been abused in this way. The incident is being treated by the police as a hate crime and I would ask anyone who saw any suspicious activity in the area to report it to the police immediately.”


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