Tesco Belmont Road opening great news for community

East Belfast Alliance MP Naomi Long and MLA Chris Lyttle have welcomed the opening of a refurbished Tesco store at its well known Belmont Road/Gelstons Corner site. Chris Lyttle himself has worked at the previous Tesco store on this site.

Naomi Long MP said: “It is great news for the local community that the Tesco Belmont Road store is reopened for business in the area. Tesco has served the whole community in this area for a number of years since replacing Stewarts as the local supermarket, and provides an important resource to meet people’s everyday consumer needs. I have been in constant contact with Tesco over the last year on behalf of local traders and residents who support the need for a grocers in the area and I am glad that this vital service has now been restored.”

Alliance MLA and former store employee Chris Lyttle said: “Having previously worked in this store, I am aware of how important it is to local people and traders who rely on the footfall it creates for the success of their own businesses. At this difficult economic time the 28 local jobs created at the store, 18 of which are new posts, are extremely welcome. I would like to wish everyone connected with the store success and would encourage people to support all local trade in the area.”


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