‘Today is one more step in the right direction’

Alliance LGBT Convenor Micky Murray has said equal marriage is only a matter of time, after the majority of MLAs voted in favour of the equality issue during the latest vote at the Assembly.

Expressing his disappointment that further progress was blocked through the petition of concern mechanism, Micky added he was delighted Alliance MLAs were able to increase the vote in favour of equal marriage.

He said: “As LGBT people, we are on a lifelong journey to accepting ourselves and we, more than most, understand the importance of this journey and understand that for some it takes more time than for others.

“Alliance LGBT supports the rights of LGBT people and will continue to work hard with our MLAs to support marriage equality, oppose the blood ban and fight for LGBT rights.

“While today’s vote has not delivered equality for all, it’s shown that through working respectfully with elected representatives and understanding their journey and their learning we can achieve our goals, today is just one more step in the right direction.

Marriage equality is about more than LGBT people, it’s about society as a whole. It’s about sending a clear message that homophobia and transphobia isn’t acceptable. Without equality for all we will never secure a truly shared society.”

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