Dickson presents Larne Line public petition to the Assembly

East Antrim Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson has presented a public petition to the Assembly on behalf of the Larne Line Passenger Group.

The petition, which has over 2,300 signatures, calls on Translink to reinstate their former timetable, which changed in September this year.

On presenting the petition, Mr Dickson said: “Since the beginning of September, the people of East Antrim have been dealing with a downgraded railway service as the result of timetable changes. Trains now run less frequently and service fewer stations, ultimately making it downright awkward to use the train in East Antrim. This is driving commuters back to their cars.”

Following the presentation of the petition to the Speaker in the Assembly, Mr Dickson and representatives of the Larne Line Passenger Group met Regional Development Minister Michelle McIlveen to discuss the matter.

Mr Dickson continued: “We had productive meeting with Ms McIlveen, and I am happy to see the DRD and Translink are truly starting to listen to the people of East Antrim. However, ultimately it is the actions taken to solve this issue for passengers that we will judge the sincerity of their engagement.

“I want to thank the Larne Line Passenger Group for their hard work in collating this impressive petition. It is heartening to see such a grassroots organisation holding the goliaths of transport and government to account.”

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