Time to implement the agreement in full

Alliance Party Chief Whip Alderman Sean Neeson is calling for all parties who support the Agreement to do all they can to ensure that it is implemented in full.

Mr Neeson said:

“The Agreement, taken as a whole, is the best way forward for everyone in Northern Ireland. We must all do everything in our power to ensure that it is carried on May 22 and implemented in full.”

“This means, for both loyalists and republicans politicians accepting fully the need for a true and meaningful adoption of the Mitchell Principles.”

“A real cease-fire is not only about the ending of killings and bombings but also the brutal and unacceptable catalogue of paramilitary beatings and shootings that are currently being carried out by republican and loyalist criminals. The RUC have a vital role to play in the creation of a civilised society here and only they are the lawful custodians of a peaceful and normal society.”


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