Alliance slams Government handling of McBride case

Alliance has strongly criticised the British Government’s handling of the case surrounding the murder of Peter McBride 10 years ago.

Seamus Close MLA said that the two soldiers convicted of the murder of an innocent man, as judged by a British court, were not fit to continue to serve in the Army.

Mr Close said: “It is impossible for any right-minded person to understand how two soldiers convicted in a British court of the murder of an innocent man can justifiably continue to serve as soldiers. Like Pontius Pilate, Tony Blair has acted abysmally in this case by trying to wash its hands of any responsibility.”

“It would appear that while the Government is happy to talk about human rights, when push came to shove in the McBride case, those principles were thrown out the window.”

“The Prime Minister has failed to act in a manner consistent with the court judgment, and his failure to meet with the family demonstrates his hypocrisy and embarrassment over the affair.”


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