Keep the rail lines open !!

Councillor Eileen Bell Chair of Alliance Party and former Co-ordinator of the Peace Train Organisation speaking about the latest bomb scare on the Belfast – Dublin Railway Line said:

“We closed up the Peace Train Organisation after the 1994 cease fires because we took the men of violence at their word when they talked about “Cessation of military operations”. I now view with concern the increasing frequency of incidents on the main railway line between our two Capital cities. It is not just the basic inconvenience for commuters and other passengers, but the fact that this activity is, a message from these men that they are still active in their destructive efforts to keep sectarianism , insecurity, and fear alive in our communities. We must redouble our efforts to work together against all those who wish to prolong the despair and distrust that has prevailed over the last thirty years.”

“The recent announcement that groups like CAC and the 32 County Sovereignty etc. are considering joining up to establish yet another new IRA which will use violence to achieve their aims and these attempts at wrecking the railway lines is obviously part of this campaign. We must tell these people that Northern Ireland is now embarking on a search for peace with the Agreement as its base. We demand the end of such acts which will not achieve any such peace. Everybody must now play their part in the constructive campaign in voting Yes to bring Northern Ireland back from the brink of yet another terror cycle.”


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