Time to get real on financing improved roads infrastructure – McCarthy

Alliance Assemblyman Kieran McCarthy today called for parties to start acting responsibly on financing better public services, including an improved roads infrastructure.

The Ards Alderman stated: “No one doubts that the state of our roads is deteriorating. However, it is not enough for public representatives simply to call for ‘more money’. Tough decisions need to be made about where that money would come from.

“It is hypocritical for other parties simply to call for ‘more money’. During the Assembly the Executive parties themselves stood over the ongoing carve up of our health, education and housing along sectarian lines, with the vast accompanying cost.

“The Secretary of State has admitted that £1 billion is wasted on such segregation. That is where the money to improve our infrastructure should come from, not extra water charges or vast rates hikes. The other parties have a nerve calling for ‘more, more, more’ – when they themselves had the chance, they blew it.

“We have to get real on public finances. We have to take responsibility not just for identifying where the money is needed, but also where it is going to come from. That requires courageous leadership and tough decisions – but we have seen precious few of those from those charged with the government of Northern Ireland, under devolution or direct rule.”


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