Time to cut number of MLAs and government departments

East Antrim Alliance Candidate Stewart Dickson has thrown down the gauntlet to other political parties to join with Alliance in saying they will cut the number of Assembly Members and government departments here.

Stewart Dickson said: “It is staggering that there are 108 MLAs given the size of Northern Ireland and the fact that the Assembly is a regional devolved administration. Having 12 government departments is also excessive and Alliance wants that number reduced to eight.

“We need to slim down the Assembly and this is vital not only to save money but also to help maintain public confidence in the institutions and their ability to deliver efficiency. We would propose having only 80 MLAs instead of the current 108.

“Politics is all about delivery, service and value for money. Fewer government departments will help improve co-operation and joined-up government, so that the silo mentality which exists at present can be addressed and that decisions on important issues can be better co-ordinated.

“The current situation is one that cannot and must not be maintained. We need less politicians and more leaders, who are prepared to say it like it is and address financial pressures by tackling the cost of division and using innovative approaches. We need politicians who are not afraid of taking tough decisions and who offer solutions on the economy and on ensuring value for money.

“I want to see all other parties also commit to reducing the number of Assembly Members and departments.”


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