Lunn says failure to create shared stadium is a disgrace

Lagan Valley Alliance Representative Trevor Lunn has branded the failure to deliver a multi-sports shared stadium at the Maze site a disgrace. He said that Alliance would continue to campaign for the creation of a shared stadium as Northern Ireland deserves a large, world class stadium for all.

Trevor Lunn said: “The fact that no progress has been made on a multi-sport shared stadium for Northern Ireland is disgraceful.

“It’s sad that some politicians that could not bring themselves to allow the site at the Maze to become the venue for a shared stadium. This failure has led us to a situation where available money is not going towards a shared stadium.

“The Maze site has great potential and a stadium there could be the centrepiece of an exciting project which could create thousands of jobs and be a key driver of our economy.

“Alliance has ambition for Northern Ireland. It is sad that some other parties are holding Northern Ireland back from having a shared stadium at the Maze and I sincerely hope that this massive opportunity is not lost forever.

“£55m has been committed to renovating existing stadiums. This type of sum could and should be spent on building us a large, state-of the art shared stadium. We cannot afford to miss out on all the economic potential and community relations benefits such a stadium would bring.

“A world-class shared stadium would be a beacon of hope and a home for sporting excellence for all. Alliance will continue to keep the pressure on to deliver the shared stadium everyone here deserves.”


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