Time to celebrate the achievements of women – Armstrong

Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong has highlighted initiatives to increase the participation of women in society.

Ms Armstrong was speaking at an event in Stormont organised by the Ambassadors’ Forum, which was developed by Politics Plus. The Ambassadors’ Forum provides a space to recognise the inspiring achievements of women in society, and to ensure that established networks develop further.

Kellie Armstrong said: “As an elected representative for the Alliance Party I am proud of our commitment to empowering and developing opportunities for women.

“As we all know, women are under-represented at a senior level in the Northern Ireland Civil Service and across public, regulatory, advisory and specialist bodies. One of the core aims of Politics Plus is to address this imbalance, and strengthen the role of women in political and public life through the programmes they deliver. Their initiatives have been specifically designed to address many of the barriers to participation, and to build collaborative relationships between women in support of this.

“Politics Plus have led the way with their innovative programmes such as Women in Public Life.

The Women in Public Life Programme was designed to assist participants by; increasing their competencies, encouraging women to develop strategies and building networks to enhance their influence in public sector organisations. Through this programme, participants have learned how to leverage their positions to reshape outcomes and enhance their personal impact.

“The Ambassadors’ Forum also creates an opportunity to share examples of best practice. It allows for discussion and an ongoing platform for knowledge exchange between politicians, experts and leaders of the public and third sector to support the promotion of women in political and public life and progressing gender equality. But more than all of this The Ambassadors’ Forum is creating change.”

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