Time for tougher dogs laws after pitbull attack

Following news that police shot a pitbull type dog as it mauled a family pet in front of children in South Belfast, Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long MLA has again demanded that dangerous dogs law be strengthened urgently. Two years ago she called for the laws to be tightened but no action has been taken by government.

The East Belfast Assembly Member said: “How many of these attacks have to take place before the Government takes action. Is the Government going to wait until a child is attacked and badly hurt before they do something?

“The safety of the children who witnessed this brutal attack was obviously in jeopardy because of the ferocity of this animal. Only two weeks ago we heard of similar news of an attack in North Down.

“Two years ago I demanded urgent action from the government to strengthen dangerous dogs laws and still no changes have been made to these laws.

“The current laws concentrate on particular banned breeds, but the real threat is from aggressive dogs that are not kept under control by their owners.

“Another shocking loophole in this legislation is that there is no sanction for dogs that attack other dogs; however, an animal which attacks other animals could clearly also pose a threat to other people. At the moment livestock is protect but bizarrely other dogs are not.

“These loopholes in this law must be closed to ensure that adequate provisions exist on dangerous dogs.”


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