Alliance Leader welcomes Ombudsman’s report

Alliance Leader David Ford has welcomed today’s Police Ombudsman’s report stating that he hopes it will give some comfort to the McCord family. He also stated that the concerns of people over incidents outlined in the report must be effectively addressed and the incidents examined in further detail.

David Ford said: “I am glad that Nuala O’Loan has provided a detailed and searching report into the events surrounding the horrific murder of Raymond McCord Jnr. This is clear vindication of the role and practices of the police ombudsman.

“This comprehensive document sheds some much-needed light on incidents and practices which must be examined even further.

“I hope that this report will provide some much deserved comfort to the family and friends of Raymond McCord Jnr.

“Raymond McCord Snr has tirelessly campaigned for justice and for an investigation into the murder of his son, and he and his family at the very least deserve this full account of the events of his son’s murder.

“There is an onus on the authorities to demonstrate how the system has changed so that such abuses of power and responsibility can never happen again.

“The authorities must pay attention to this report to ensure that they can build confidence in the Police to ensure the full support of everyone in this community. There are clearly major concerns regarding the conduct of some of the authorities in the past and these concerns must be address swiftly and effectively.

“We must ensure that we can build a future where every section of the community believes in the police and gives them their full backing. In order for this to happen, people’s voices must be heard and their concerns addressed.”


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